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Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions

Day – means 24 successive hours.
Visitor – a natural person using the Website who does not have an Account or who is not logged in to the Website.
Provider or ADSONB – the company RCC MEDIA DEVELOPMENT SRL, a Romanian legal entity, with registered office in Bucharest, Nicolae Caramfil 49, Bucharest, registered with the Trade Register Office of the Bucharest Court under no. J40/12041/2018, CUI 39782913. ADSONB can be contacted at the e-mail address: or through other communication channels mentioned on the Website.
Category – the thematic category (e.g. Car, motorbike and boats or Electronics and household appliances) in which the Ad is assigned. A category can be divided into sub-categories related to the theme.
Consumer – a User, a natural person, who carries out activities on the Website that are not directly related to his/her business or professional activity.
Account – a set of data related to a specific User, which includes information related to his/her activity on the Website, including information provided by the User on the Website. The rules relating to the Account are set out in point 3 of the Rules.
Buyer – a User who conducts Transactions with the Seller by using the Website’s functions.
Limit – the number of Free Classified Ads for the selected Categories that the User may publish on the Website at any given time. The limits set for each Category can be used independently.
Advertisement – a proposal to sell or make available a Product, made by the Seller, or an invitation to participate in the recruitment process carried out by an Employer and published on the Service on the basis of the principles set out in point 4 of the Rules.
ADSONB Wallet – an account with a free functionality described in paragraph 10 of the Rules, which facilitates payments to ADSONB.
Employer – a User who publishes an Ad in the Jobs category on the Website or uses the dedicated functions set out in Annex 1 “ADSONB Jobs”.
Candidate – a Visitor or User who searches for Job Advertisements in the Jobs Category.
Product – goods or services that are the subject of an Advertisement; in the Job Advertisements Category, the product that is the subject of the Advertisement consists of the description and requirements of the job that is the subject of the Employer’s Advertisement.
Delivery – a transportation service of the goods that are the subject of the Transaction, provided externally by professional courier services.
Rules – these Rules and their annexes setting out the rules for use of the Website. The current version of the Rules is available on the Website at any time, in a form that provides the possibility to download it, save it to your device’s hard drive or print it.
Registration – the process of creating an Account by a User after providing the User’s data, accepting the Rules and activating the Account.
ADSONB Website (Service) or Page – an online platform managed by ADSONB available within the domain and on the mobile application.
Seller – a User who publishes an Ad on the Website and conducts Transactions with the Buyer.
Transaction – any agreement concluded between Users or User and Visitor regarding a specific Product.
Paid Services – paid services provided by ADSONB to the User, including, inter alia: publication of Ads or packages of Ads and paid Promotion Services.
Promotional Services – paid services for the promotion of the Advertisements set out in Annex 2 “Promotional Services”.
User – any natural person, at least 18 years of age, of full legal capacity (including authorised natural person) and/or legal entity, who uses an Account Service after logging in to such Account.
Professional User – any natural person, legal entity or unincorporated organisation, who is running a business or professional activity on their own behalf and who uses the ADSONB Services in connection with their trade, business, craft or professional activity.

2 General provisions

The terms and conditions of use of the Website, including the rules for registration, publication of Ads and purchase of Paid Services, as well as matters relating to payments and the complaints procedure are set out in the Rules. Any person using the Service is obliged to acquaint himself/herself with the content of the Rules.
Visitors may use only limited functions of the Service, under the conditions provided by these Rules, in compliance with the law and the principles of integrity.
The content published on the Service, including in particular the Advertisements, regardless of their form, i.e. text, graphic and video material, is protected under the Copyright Law no. 8/1996 as amended, as well as subject to other laws, including but not limited to the applicable laws on intellectual and industrial property rights of ADSONB, the Sellers and third parties. It is prohibited to use this content in any way without the written consent of the authorised persons. Any aggregation and processing of data and other information available on the Website for the purpose of further distribution to third parties on other websites and outside the Internet is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the Website and the ADSONB logos, including the characteristic graphic elements, without the express prior consent of ADSONB.
Subject to the right granted to ADSONB in accordance with paragraph 4.3 below, nothing in these Rules shall constitute an agreement to use the rights of ADSONB or third parties set forth in paragraph 2.3 above, nor shall it be construed as a waiver of such rights.

  • ADSONB is not a party to the Transactions.
  • Within the Website, the following actions are possible:
  • Browsing the content of the Website;
  • Use of the Account and its related functions, including ADSONB Wallet functions;
  • Use of the functions mentioned in Annex 1 “ADSONB Jobs”;
  • publishing the Ads within the free limits mentioned in Annex 3 “Ads Limit”;
  • publication of paid advertisements outside the limits;
  • use of Paid Service (including Promotional Services).
  • The Website Content Navigation Services, the Account Services and the Posting of Ads within the Free Limits are
  • provided free of charge. All other services are provided for a fee.
  • Delivery and payment services are provided by external service providers for the benefit of Users and under separate
  • legal relationships to which ADSONB is not a party.
  • The provisions of the Regulations shall also apply, accordingly, to Advertisements placed in the Jobs Category, unless otherwise provided by Annex 1 “ADSONB – Jobs”.
  • For full use of the Website, you must have an Internet-connected device that meets the following requirements:
  • The active internet connection must allow two-way communication via the HTTPS protocol;
  • A current, properly installed and configured web browser that supports the HTML5 standard and Cascading Style
  • Sheet (CSS3) technology, e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer. Web browsers must work with a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels;
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled (usually enabled automatically in your browser);
  • For mobile devices: an original Android version of minimum 7.0 or an original iOS version of minimum 11.0, and the
  • ADSONB app must be downloaded from an official store (e.g. App Store or Google Play). The website will not display properly on TVs, Blackberry and Windows phones.
  • ADSONB will make every effort to ensure uninterrupted operation of the Website. In order to ensure a high quality of service and efficient operation of the Service, ADSONB Group reserves the right to establish breaks in the operation of the Service. Technical interruptions may take place during the night (22-6), during which time certain functions of the Service and services provided by the ADSONB Group may be limited or unavailable.

Users who communicate with other Users via the chat function within the Service understand and agree that these conversations are not private and their content may be collected/read by ADSONB. By accepting these Rules, the User acknowledges that ADSONB has the right to access and analyze User communication made through the chat function of the Website for the purpose of ensuring the safety and security of Users, preventing fraud and improving the Website. For more information on why and how ADSONB accesses and analyzes the content of conversations conducted through the chat function of the Service, please review the Privacy Policy.

3 Account

In order to obtain full functionality of the Service, a Visitor must register an Account and use the Service as a logged-in User. The Account enables the User to use, among other things, the following features of the Website:
publication and administration of Advertisements published;
to track the Ads of other Users;
managing payments and invoices for services provided on the Website by ADSONB;
sending and receiving messages from and to other Users;
ordering Promotional Services;
made available in accordance with Annex 1 “ADSONB Jobs”.
The User can only be a natural person with full legal capacity, a legal person or a form of organisation without legal personality, to which the law confers legal capacity. In the case of legal persons and forms of organisation without legal personality, only the person authorised to act in the name and on behalf of these entities shall create an Account on their behalf and shall carry out all activities on the Website. The User may have only one Account on the Service associated with a particular email address, with the proviso that a telephone number is used for the SMS verification provided for in point 4.1. relating to a single Account.
The User may have only one Account within the Service. This rule does not apply when:

(a) the User has different Accounts, used for private purposes and related to his/her business activity;
b) the User uses different Accounts in the scope of his commercial activities, in connection with the servicing of these Accounts by different representatives or branches of the company managed by the User, provided that there are no delays in payments for the services provided by ADSONB within the scope of any Account, and the Ads posted in each Account are not repeated, for the same locations;
c) it will be necessary to create another Account due to the impossibility of accessing the old Account (e.g.: forgotten password);

however, any of the above circumstances will be checked in detail by ADSONB, which has the right to suspend the Account at the time of the check or to delete the Account in the absence of confirmation of circumstances justifying the application of one of the above exceptions. The exceptions provided for in this section shall not apply if they are invoked for the purpose of avoiding payment of claims for services provided on the Website.

4. Registration of the Account requires:

Completing the form available on the Website and providing the data required therein, including your email address and unique password or login code via an external service provider such as Facebook, Google or Apple;
consultation of the Rules and their annexes and acceptance of their provisions.

5. ADSONB processes the personal data of Users, persons acting on behalf of and for Users and Visitors in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy and the Cookies and Similar Technologies Application Policy.

6. After filling in the required registration data, the confirmation of the Account Registration will be sent to the email address indicated by the User, a link to activate the Account and the Rules in force at the time. Registration is completed when the User activates his/her Account. At this point in time, an Account service contract is concluded. If activation does not take place within 30 days from the date of receipt of the email message confirming Account Registration, the activation link will expire and the Account will not be activated. The User can register again using the same email address, but only after contacting ADSONB at the email address:

7. The User shall ensure that the data provided during the Registration process and the use of the Service is true, accurate and up-to-date and that the User has the right to use such data. The User undertakes to update the data in the event of any changes. ADSONB reserves the right to block an Account if the data provided does not meet the above requirements, in accordance with the procedure set out in paragraph 12 of the Regulation.

8. A person acting on the Website on behalf and for the account of a User who is a legal entity or a form of organisation without legal personality, which has been granted legal capacity by law, shall ensure that it is duly authorised to act and carry out all activities on behalf and for the account of such User on the Website.

9. The User undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the Account access data and to protect it against access by unauthorised third parties. You will inform ADSONB without delay if you become aware of any access by any unauthorised third party to your Account and, if possible, you will immediately change the data.

10. The Account Service Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period from the activation of the Account. The Account Service Agreement may be terminated by the User in accordance with the following rules:

  • the right to delete the Account shall not affect the User’s right to withdraw from or terminate the contract as provided by law and these Rules;
  • deletion of an Account is possible by: (i) selecting the appropriate option in the Account panel, (ii) sending a notice of
  • deletion to the email address: or (iii) sending a notice of deletion in writing to the physical address of the Provider;
  • upon the User’s deletion of the Account, all other contracts between ADSONB and the User relating to the services provided on the Website shall expire;
  • the termination of the account service contract will take effect from the moment of termination (for the future), which means that payments made by the User will not be refundable. Furthermore, ADSONB shall not be obliged to refund the equivalent of unused amounts under the Paid Services;
  • if the User has accumulated funds in the ADSONB Wallet, deletion of the Account is only possible after prior withdrawal of these funds or after contacting ADSONB:, about which the User will be informed at the time of attempting to delete the Account, concurrently with the termination of the contract;
  • after deletion of the Account or termination of the Account contract, the User loses access to the information provided or generated during the use of the Service.

11. ADSONB has the right to terminate the contract with the User if the User:

Has not accessed the Account for more than 24 months. In this case, the Provider reserves the right to delete the said Account, including all personal data stored in the Account, which means that the User can no longer access and use it. Information regarding termination will be sent to the User 30 days in advance to the email address provided during Registration. The User will be able to express his/her willingness to continue using the Account through the function provided for this purpose, which requires the User to log in to the Account. ADSONB’s right to terminate the Agreement in accordance with this provision does not limit the User’s right to re-register for the Service. However, ADSONB does not guarantee that the existing username associated with the Account will still be available for use during the new registration;
despite notifications by ADSONB of the cessation of actions or omissions that violate the provisions of the Rules or the provisions of generally applicable law, the User continues to act inconsistently.

12. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the Service and to protect and ensure the security of the persons using it, ADSONB reserves the right to carry out additional checks on the validity and accuracy of the data provided by the User and to request the User to confirm his/her identity, the information contained in the Notice or the information related to the Transaction carried out, in the manner chosen by ADSONB. If the verification of the data or of the User’s identity is not successfully completed, ADSONB may suspend or block the operation of the Account in accordance with the rules defined in paragraph 12 of the Regulation.

13. Withdrawal of the Consumer.

Within 14 days of entering into a contract with ADSONB, a Consumer may withdraw from such contract, for a particular Service, without giving any reason for doing so, by sending a notice to the email address: or in writing to the Provider’s postal address. Upon withdrawal from the contract for Account services, all other contracts between ADSONB and the User shall expire. A model withdrawal form, which can be used by the User, can be found in Appendix No. 4 “Model withdrawal form”. The model withdrawal form is not mandatory, the User may submit an unequivocal declaration of any other type.

14. The Account Services Agreement may be terminated by a Professional User in accordance with the rules set out in point 3.10. in the event of non-acceptance of changes to the Rules, of which the User shall be informed in accordance with point 17.1.b. In this case, in order to terminate the Account Services Agreement, the Professional User shall notify ADSONB immediately, but no later than 15 days from the date on which the Professional User was notified of the changes. Termination of the contract in the above manner shall take effect 15 days after receipt by the Professional User of information about the changes, unless the Professional User waives such notification, submits a declaration to this effect or carries out express activities on the Website that confirm acceptance of such changed conditions (e.g. publication of a new Advertisement).

4 Rules on the publication of Notices

ADSONB offers Users the possibility to publish Advertisements within the Service. The publication of an Ad on the Website by a User takes place after filling in the appropriate form and subject to verification by SMS. Verification by SMS is carried out only once and involves sending a verification code to the telephone number provided by the User, which the User then fills in on the form, where only one telephone number is used for verification by SMS in a single account. SMS verification may be repeated in connection with internal security procedures.
A Notice published by the User within the Service is accessible to all Users of the Service. Together with the Advertisement, a contact details form will also be made available, which will allow Users to contact the User who published the Advertisement and send messages to him/her. Depending on the User’s choice, their telephone number may also be publicly available within the Advertisement.
At the time of publication of the Ad, the User grants ADSONB a non-exclusive, territorially unlimited, royalty-free license to record, multiply and distribute all or part of the Ad for display on the Service and for distribution to ADSONB’s partners through whom the Service is promoted and anywhere on the Internet, including search engines (such as Google) or social networks (such as Facebook). The granting of this license is required for full use of the Service. Due to the specific nature of the Internet, ADSONB does not have full control over the distribution of content published or transmitted through the functions of the Service to other Users and assumes no responsibility in this regard on behalf of third parties, in particular in the case of copying and distribution of Ads by such persons and portals unrelated to the Service.
The content of each Advertisement shall meet the requirements set out in section 12.1 of the Regulation, i.e. shall be factual, unambiguous, easy to understand and shall meet the technical requirements specified by the Provider. The User is free to determine the content of the Advertisement within the legal limits and in accordance with the following requirements:

The advertisement will be written in Romanian and will not contain words commonly considered vulgar or offensive. The notice may also be written in a foreign language;
The user shall select a thematic Category and sub-category corresponding to the subject to which the Notice is to be assigned;
The User shall indicate the total price in RON or Euro (specifying the amount of VAT, if applicable) and, where possible, shall mention that the price is negotiable or that the Product is offered free of charge or that the User offers the possibility of exchanging the Product for another good or service. This provision does not apply to Advertisements in the Categories Jobs, Services and Business (in the Category Services, Business, Business Equipment), for which the mention of remuneration is not a mandatory element of the Advertisement;
The User shall specify the status of the Product (new or used), with the exception of Ads in the Categories Services and Business and Jobs);
the content of the Ad must contain a clear, accurate and complete description of the Product, including factual and not misleading information about its characteristics. It is forbidden to transmit this information outside the Service;
the subject of the Advertisement may only be goods in the possession or belonging to the User, which are located on the territory of Romania (with the exception of the Advertisements in the Job, Services and Business Categories);
an Ad may concern only one Product;
you must indicate whether the Ad relates to a single item, to several items or to a set/package (a set means a set of items constituting a whole). It is possible to add information about the availability of the Product in different colours or similar versions within a single Ad (except for Ads in the Services and Business and Jobs Categories);
the same Product may be the subject of only one Ad at a time, but this also applies to Ads filled in by Users within 14 days of the date the Ad was added;
the content of the Ad may not include information such as: promotional and advertising content, website addresses and other elements that direct Users to services similar to those provided by ADSONB (i.e. services for publishing offers or advertisements from Internet users).
If the User publishes an Ad in an erroneous category, ADSONB has the right to change the Category, but if such a change would result in the publication of an Ad outside the Limits, the Ad will be deactivated.
The subject of the Ad cannot constitute:
a search for Products (except for Job Category Ads);
Dating, matrimonial or sexual offers;
prohibited products, as listed in Annex No 5 “Prohibited or Conditionally Permitted Products and Services” and any other goods, to the extent that their sale is prohibited by applicable law, goods which are the proceeds of theft or in respect of which judicial or administrative proceedings are pending or goods which are the subject of foreclosure proceedings or which form part of an estate which is the subject of bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.
Publication of a Notice on the Website is made by the User by:
clicking on the “Add Ad” or similar box;
making payment (for Paid Ads).
The display of an Ad on the Service begins after its publication (publication is conditional on payment for the Service, for Paid Ads) and lasts for another 30 days, but no later than the date on which one of the following circumstances occurs:
The User has sold the Product;
The User has modified the Ad in a way that indicates that it refers to a different Product than the one originally referred to;
The User has deleted the Ad.
In the event that ADSONB becomes aware of the circumstances referred to in paragraph 4.8.a) or 4.8.b), ADSONB shall have the right to delete the Ad in accordance with the principles set out in paragraph 12 of the Regulation.
During the period of publication of an Advertisement on the Service, the User may change the content of the Advertisement and some of its parameters and delete the Advertisement. Within a period of three Days prior to the end of the period of display of the Advertisement and until the date of the end of the period of display of the Advertisement, the User may extend the display of the Advertisement by another 30 Days, but the extension will be paid in the Categories with paid Advertisements, as well as in case of exceeding the limit in a specific category indicated in Annex No. 3 “Advertisement Limit”.

The possibility to modify the content of the Notice does not apply to changes in price or other parameters of the published Notice that would have the purpose of avoiding the payment of amounts due to ADSONB for services provided under the Service or the reimbursement of funds, in the cases provided for in these Rules.
After the end of the period of display of the Advertisement, for whatever reason, the Advertisement is archived in the files of the corresponding Accounts, where they are available to Users for a period of 6 months, unless Users themselves delete the archived Advertisement before the expiry of this period. Users must archive the content of the Announcement as well as the information related to completed Transactions.

15 Automatic Publication of Advertisements on the ADSONB Page

Notices published automatically on the ADSONB Page cannot be modified or deleted on the ADSONB Page independently, but only by modifying or deleting Notices published on the ADSONB Page. Any modification or deletion of Ads published on the ADSONB Page will be updated accordingly on the ADSONB Page.
Ads published on the ADSONB Page, which are automatically exported to the ADSONB Page, retain their validity period according to the conditions of the website where the Ads were published.
Ads published on the ADSONB Page, which are automatically exported to the ADSONB Page, may exceed the number of Free Ads specific to the categories with defined Free Ad Limits, at no additional cost to the User.

16 Free Ads

Publication of an Ad on the Website by the User within the Limit is free of charge. The Limits for each Category, the Limits applicable to Professional Users and the situations in which the Limit does not apply are set out in Annex 3 “Ad Limit”.
The User may have a total of 100 active Ads published simultaneously within the limits (Free Ads).
The User will be informed by ADSONB about the expiration of the Limit by means of a message available in the Account, if the Account is accessed from a computer or laptop. Publication by the User within the Service of another Ad or an Ad within a Category for which a Limit has not been granted will be made for a fee.

17 Paid Ads

Publication by the User of a Paid Ad on the Website is possible after purchase by the User:
a single Ad – in accordance with the price list corresponding to a given Category – Annex no. 7 “Price List”;
a single Advertisement together with a Paid Services package – individual Premium Advertisement, available in certain Categories, in accordance with Annex no. 6 “Premium Packages”;
an Ad package available as part of the offer on the Website in accordance with Annex no. 6 “Premium Packages”, with the proviso that if an Ad package is purchased before the Limit is used, the Ad package will be used in priority.
The purchase of an Ad Package or a single Ad is possible by using the appropriate form available on the Website.
The activation of a Paid Ad within the Service will take place after the payment has been posted to the ADSONB account.
The Ad Packages also include the Paid Services set out in Annex 6 “Premium Packages”.

18 Ad Promotion Services

In order to increase the visibility of the Advertisements, Users may resort to Paid Promotion Services in the form of Promotion in the list of Advertisements, Promotion on the first page of the Website and Paid Updates, as detailed in Appendix 2 “Promotion Services”.
The User may use any Promotion Services at the time of publication of the Advertisement or during its display.
The Promotion Services and their related Packages are provided for a single Ad, which means that it is not possible to use a package of Promotion Services for different Ads.
Promotional Services are also available in bundles of such services as set out in Annex 2 “Promotional Services”. Activation of the Promotional Services Packs takes place at the moment you start using the Promotional Services included in the Pack. The rules relating to the Promotional Services that are the subject of the Package remain unchanged.
ADSONB Group is not responsible for the effectiveness of the Promotional Services, which are understood to represent a real increase in interest in an Ad or the Product offered through it.

19 Payments

The User will be visibly informed on the Website of the current price of the selected Paid Services each time. All prices indicated on the Website or in the price lists contained in Annex no. 7 “Price List” and Annex no. 6 “Business and Premium Packages” are gross prices (including value added tax, i.e. VAT) expressed in Euro (EUR).
Payments under the Service shall be made in advance, i.e. in the total amount required for a given Paid Service, before the start of its provision, using the payment forms made available by ADSONB. In the Jobs Category, payment may also be made at a later date, i.e. cumulatively at the end of each calendar month, in respect of all Paid Services provided to the User on the Website in a given month (end-of-month payment).
If payment is made in advance, the provision of the Paid Service shall not commence before the payment for such Paid Service has been credited in full to ADSONB’s account. In the case of payments made by Payment Order, ADSONB will deliver the Service within 24-72 hours from the time of payment confirmation by the Payment Service Provider.
In the case of payments made at the end of the month, in the Jobs Category, the start of delivery of the Paid Service will take place at the time of publication of the respective Announcement or at the choice of the Paid Service User.
The User, at his/her discretion, may make the payment using one of the available payment methods in accordance with the information provided during the selection process of the respective Service and using the payment instructions within ADSONB Wallet and the Help section.
The use of any of the payment methods (with the exception of payments from ADSONB Wallet) will require the establishment of a separate legal relationship with the provider of the respective payment service and the acceptance of its Rules and Regulations as well as its Privacy Policies. ADSONB is not a party to such a relationship and has no ability to interfere with its content or implementation. In the event of any payment-related problems, the User should contact the relevant payment operator in order to clarify any doubts or file a complaint. In exceptional circumstances and within the limits of technical and organisational possibilities, ADSONB will assist the User in clarifying the problem. ADSONB accepts no responsibility for payment services provided by an external service provider.
The provision of services to the User by ADSONB is documented by means of invoices issued by the Provider in accordance with the applicable regulation.
The User is obliged to update the data recorded in the Account necessary for the Service Provider to issue the invoice immediately after any such change occurs.
The default form of invoicing available to Users is electronic invoicing. Acceptance of the Regulation also constitutes acceptance of the transmission (making available) of invoices in electronic format in accordance with applicable legal provisions and for the purposes of the Regulation.
Subject to the conditions set out in these Regulations, ADSONB shall make invoices available to the User in electronic format, guaranteeing the authenticity of their origin, integrity of their content and legality, in particular by saving them in pdf format and making them available to the User in his/her Account, giving the User the possibility to view and download them. The User who receives invoices in electronic format is obliged to download and save them himself. The User can view and download the invoices issued from his/her Account by registering on the Website using only a computer or laptop.
A User who wishes to receive an invoice in paper format may opt for this option by sending an express request to this effect to the contact address:
In the event of early termination of the display of the Advertisement due to the User’s deletion of the Advertisement or if the Product has been sold or the User has changed the subject of the Advertisement in such a way as to indicate that it refers to a different Product from the one originally referred to, the cost charged for the publication of the Advertisement and the related Paid Services for the unused period will not be refunded.

Ads that are illegal or violate the provisions of the Regulation, especially those: added to the wrong category, which are similar or duplicated, which are repeated many times (of a spam nature), which are considered offensive, which have pornographic or erotic content, content which can be interpreted as promoting sexual or erotic activities in exchange for money, which constitute an attempt to defraud, which infringes any copyright, will be deleted and the fee previously charged for the subject matter of the Advertisement and for the Paid Services related to that Advertisement will be refunded to the User’s account in the form of points used for the use of services within the Service within 90 Days from the time of deletion of that Advertisement. At the User’s request, the fee may be refunded in cash, directly to the bank account from which the payment was made or in accordance with the payment method used. If an Ad is deleted after it has been placed on the Service, the User shall be obliged to pay for the Services provided up to the time the Ad is deleted from the Service. At the same time, if a payment is made by SMS, the Service will deduct the fee charged by the SMS payment service operator for activating the Advertisement.

20 ADSONB Wallet Service

ADSONB offers Users the possibility to use the ADSONB Wallet Service (ADSONB eWallet) free of charge within the framework of the Account Services, which leads to the simplification of the settlements made between the User and ADSONB, related to the ordered Paid Services. For the avoidance of doubt, the ADSONB Wallet Service does not constitute a Payment Service and the Units allocated in ADSONB Wallet do not constitute electronic money for the purposes of the provisions relating to the provision of Payment Services.
The use of the ADSONB Wallet service is based on the following rules:
The User must “credit” ADSONB Wallet by depositing funds to the ADSONB account in one of the supported currencies in accordance with the information provided within the Service;
After crediting the payment to the ADSONB account, ADSONB allocates the number of units equal to the amount paid to the User’s ADSONB Wallet. This amount is constantly updated after each operation carried out by the User that leads to a change in the amount (reloading leads to an increase in the number of units in the ADSONB Wallet, and payment for the selected Paid Service leads to a decrease in the number of units in the ADSONB Wallet);
The User has full and exclusive freedom to use the amounts allocated to his/her ADSONB Wallet for the entire duration of the Account Service Agreement, provided that the Account is active;
in the event of making payments to certain entities from ADSONB Wallet for a given Paid Service, ADSONB shall deduct the price due for the provision of the said Paid Service, charging the corresponding amount from the User’s ADSONB Wallet (balance reduction).
The User may request, at any time, a refund of the funds paid into ADSONB Wallet, in any amount not exceeding the displayed balance, taking into account payments and reloads made by the User. Such request shall be made by email ( or in writing to ADSONB.
The refund of funds from ADSONB Wallet will be made by transfer to the bank account from which the payment was made or in accordance with the payment method used to make the payment. The request for the return of funds from ADSONB Wallet does not apply to bonus credits awarded to the Account within the framework of promotions, contests, discount points and refund bonuses awarded to Premium Packages in accordance with Annex No. 6 “Business and Premium Packages”. The bonus credits are awarded each time on the basis of a separate promotion regulation, are valid for 90 days calculated from the moment of their award and will be used in accordance with the rules set out in these Regulations.

21 Courier service “Delivery ADSONB”

The optional “ADSONB Delivery” service allows Users who sell Products through the Website to deliver them by the desired Courier or deliver them personally, the Product being visually checked at destination by the Buyer.
In the case of delivery by the desired Courier, the Product’s value is paid cash on delivery and the money is transferred to the Seller’s bank account.
In the case of delivery by personal courier, delivery will be made “office to office”, from the post office chosen by the sender (from the list of post offices shown on the Platform), to the post office allocated to the recipient, chosen from the list available on the Platform. The Buyer will pay the Product’s value at the post office chosen for the destination, in cash or by card.
The verification of the Products sent through the “ADSONB Delivery” service is strictly visual (not technical), in the presence of the courier/postal agent. An ADSONB representative will intervene in the following cases:

To contact the sender, by all available means, if the sender does not respond to the courier agent for the return of the money;
to limit access to the “ADSONB Delivery” service and even to delete the Ads of Sellers who abuse the “ADSONB Delivery” option; and
to provide the Seller with the option to cancel an order.

22.The Seller’s liability implies that it:

  • in the case of delivery by Courier, to provide the correct contact details and address so that the courier can pick up the Product/ in the case of delivery by personal delivery, to select the desired post office for shipment from those available on the Platform and to provide the correct contact details and address for the return of money, if applicable;
  • cancel the order placed from his Account, using the “Sold” tab if the Buyer no longer wants the Product;
    to deliver the Product in accordance with the offer, to package the Product appropriately and not to offer for transport products prohibited by law;
  • to draw up a delivery note for each Product he delivers through the “ADSONB Delivery” service;
  • to use only Courier or personal couriers for the “ADSONB Delivery” service;
  • to allow the Buyer to check the parcel before paying for it;
  • in the case of delivery by the desired Courier, to communicate with the courier agent to receive the price for the purchase of the Product, when the parcel is accepted by the Buyer, respectively the way of returning the parcel, when the Product is refused by the Buyer; in the case of delivery by personal delivery, to check the mailbox and the
  • notifications sent by Courier regarding the status of the parcel;
  • to pay the return delivery of the Product if the Buyer cannot be contacted for delivery or has refused the parcel after verification;
  • to pay any possible additional costs, generated by exceptions to the weights agreed between ADSONB and the desired Courier/personal delivery (information about the agreed weights is accessible on the Platform).
  • in the case of delivery by personal delivery, collect the notice from the Romanian Post Office (from the mailbox) and go to the post office chosen for the shipment, in order to collect the amount paid by the Buyer, within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the notice.

23. The Buyer’s liability implies that he:

  • in the case of delivery by the desired courier, to enter the correct contact details and address in the ADSONB Platform, so that the Seller can place the order and the courier agent can make the delivery; in the case of delivery by personal delivery, to select the desired post office for the destination from those available in the Platform and to provide the correct contact details and address in order to be notified by the personal delivery agent of the arrival of the parcel at the chosen post office;
  • cancel the order directly from the ADSONB Platform if he/she no longer wants the Product;
    visually check the Product before payment to ensure that he/she has received what he/she has purchased, but no longer than 5 (five) minutes;
  • pay the delivery charge stated on the delivery note to the courier/postal agent if they accept the parcel;
  • refuse the parcel and notify ADSONB representatives as soon as possible at, if the Seller claims to offer the “ADSONB Delivery” service but does not fulfil this promise or if the Product does not correspond to the one in the Advertisement;
  • reseal the package if they decide not to purchase the Product after verification.

24 The Courier’s responsibility (the desired Courier) implies that the Courier:

  • to go to the Seller and pick up the parcel specified in the order placed by the Seller online via the Website;
  • to contact the Seller if the addressee does not respond or has incorrect delivery details and to work out together a way of contacting the addressee and/or to receive agreement to bring the Product back to the Seller;
  • not to travel to the consignee’s address and return the order to the Buyer if notified by either that the transaction has been cancelled;
  • not to take back unpackaged, improperly packaged or legally prohibited Products;
  • not to collect parcels deemed to be “ADSONB Delivery” without a delivery note;
  • allow the Buyer to visually inspect the Product for 5 minutes before payment;
  • to collect the value of the parcel from the Buyer;
  • for the refund of the amount received from the Buyer, transfer the money to the Seller’s account within 2 working days;
  • to contact the Seller in the event that the Product is refused and to agree together on the conditions of return;
  • if the Seller does not respond to the courier for the return of the money, try to contact him by all available means and keep the money at the financial department of the desired courier, until it is claimed by the sender;
  • to deliver the parcel in the same condition in which he took it from the Seller, both when he brings it to the Buyer and if he brings it back to the Seller in the case of a return.

The Postal Agent’s liability (personal delivery) implies that he:

accept the Product deposited by the Seller at the selected post office, according to the options on the Platform;
not to accept for transmission unpackaged, improperly packaged or legally prohibited Products;
not to accept for transmission parcels considered as having “ADSONB Delivery” service, without a delivery note;
to allow the Buyer to visually inspect the Product for 5 minutes at the post office of the Buyer’s choice;
collect the value of the parcel from the Buyer;
for reimbursement of the amount collected from the Buyer, to go to the Seller’s address to hand over the amount collected in cash or, if the Seller cannot be found, to leave the notice in the mailbox.
notify the Seller if the Product is refused and agree on the conditions of return;
to deliver the parcel in the same condition in which he took it from the Seller, both when he brings it to the Buyer and if he brings it back to the Seller in the case of a return.

25 Actions of Users which are illegal or incompatible with the Regulations

The User has the right to use the Service in accordance with its purpose, within the limits set by law and good practice, respecting the rights and interests of other Users and third parties. In particular, the User undertakes:
not to take any action that could interfere with the proper functioning of the Service, including not interfering with the content of the Service, the Account or Accounts of other Users or the IT elements of the Service;
take any unlawful action, including transmitting or publishing through the Service’s features Content that violates the law, personal rights, Content that contains or distributes child pornography or terrorist material and Content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties, and Content that is discriminatory or racist;
not to sell (and not to take other actions having a similar effect) Products listed in Annex No. 5 “Prohibited or Conditionally Permitted Products and Services” using the Website’s functions and not to market them without fulfilling the conditions set out in Annex No. 5. It is also prohibited to market Products prohibited by law, Products resulting from the commission of any crime, including but not limited to goods obtained by theft, robbery, theft fraud or Goods in respect of which a dispute is pending, which are subject to foreclosure proceedings or which are included in assets subject to bankruptcy or reorganisation proceedings;

not to mislead Users of the Service or ADSONB, e.g. by providing false information about the Product or by withholding relevant information;
refrain from acting in bad faith and misusing the functions of the Service, by using the Service contrary to its purpose and contrary to the Rules.
The User is obliged to comply with the provisions of point 12.1 of the Regulation at each stage of use of the Service and in relation to each function offered, including the publication of Advertisements and the sending of messages to other Users.
The publication or transmission of any content on the Website is carried out automatically, using the Website interface and without the participation of ADSONB. The Provider does not automatically check all content transmitted through the Website functions.
In the event of changes to the content of an Advertisement made by the User after its publication on the Service, ADSONB reserves the right to edit the content that does not comply with the Rules or to delete the Advertisement.
Each person using the Service has the right and the possibility to report to ADSONB any content that is illegal or contrary to the Regulation, distributed through the functions of the Service, using the “report violations” function, which is available either (i) within the Advertisement (“Report” button) or (ii) within the contact form (reason: “I want to report a deception/inappropriate behaviour”). To the extent possible, the person making the report will provide all data necessary for ADSONB to identify the non-compliant content, including the Advert identification number and the reasons why they believe the content to be illegal or contrary to the Regulation and, at their discretion, contact details.
Following a finding of non-compliance with any of the provisions hereof by any of the Notices published on the Website, ADSONB may:
immediately block the content in question, in particular, the Advert, as well as all the related Promotional Services. In the event of blocking, the content will not be visible or available to persons using the Service, and the Ad will appear in the “Moderated” section of the User’s Account;
take appropriate verification measures to establish the circumstances of the case, acting in a proportionate and reasonable manner, including, for example, by contacting the person who reported the content, the author of the content, the competent authority or an external consultant;
notify Professional Users, at the latest when the blocking becomes effective, in the form of an e-mail, of the reasons for the refusal, indicating the content blocked, the reasons for the blocking decision (including the content of abuse reports after anonymisation, if required by law), indicating the legal or contractual provisions breached;
The provisions of clause 12.6.c) shall not apply if notification to a competent public authority, mandatory legal provisions or the need to ensure protection of Users results in an obligation not to disclose the information referred to in this paragraph.
The Professional User shall have the opportunity to challenge the decision to block content submitted or published by him/her using the functionality of the ADSONB Page by submitting an objection to the Provider, providing information about the blocked content. The provisions governing the complaints procedure shall apply accordingly.
If the objection referred to in paragraph 12.7. is justified or if the circumstances that attested to the illegality or non-conformity of the blocked content with the provisions of these Regulations have ceased to exist:

26. The blocked content shall be restored by the Provider making available to the Professional User, in the form of a working copy, the Notice or a message available in the Account. The User will be able to decide whether to publish or transmit the Advertisement via the Website;

27. If the blocked Ad was covered by one of the Paid Services, the fee charged for the publication of the Ad and the provision of the Paid Services associated with the Ad will be returned to the Professional User’s account, in an amount proportional to the period during which the Service was not provided, in the form of credits dedicated to the re-use of the Services, within 90 days of the deletion of the Ad. At the User’s request, the fee may be refunded in cash, directly to the bank account from which the payment was made or in accordance with the payment method used.

28. If the objection is deemed unfounded or the objection is not raised by the User within 7 days of obtaining the information specified in point 12.6.c):

29. The blocked content is irrevocably removed;

30. If the blocked Ad was covered by one of the Paid Services, the fee charged for the publication of the Ad and the provision of the Paid Services associated with the Ad shall be returned to the account of the Professional User, in an amount proportionate to the period during which the Service was not provided, in the form of credits dedicated to the re-use of the Services, within 90 days of the removal of the Ad. At the User’s request, the fee may be refunded in cash, directly to the bank account from which the payment was made or in accordance with the payment method used.

31. ADSONB has the right to delete any Advertisement or to block accounts if there is a suspicion that, through the Advertisements published or the accounts created, harm has been done or may be done to the security of the activity of other Users of the Service. The Provider also has the right to delete the Advertisement or block the account if the Advertisement adversely affects the Provider’s reputation or is otherwise harmful to the Provider.

32.ADSONB reserves the right to refuse the creation of an account or to block an account already created if, from the Supplier’s legitimate checks, it appears that the user or the user’s representative has caused or may cause financial damage to the Supplier.

33. In the event of a serious violation of the law through the use of the Service, as well as a serious or repeated violation of the provisions of the Regulation, in particular in the event of repeated attempts to publish or disseminate illegal content by a specific User or by various Users acting jointly or under an agreement, including the use of several Accounts, in accordance with the principle of proportionality and the principle of freedom of movement, ADSONB may temporarily or permanently suspend or block the Account or Accounts, which will amount to a suspension or blocking of the provision of the services, having regard to the following rules:

  • suspension of the Account means temporary suspension of its operation. The User whose Account has been suspended loses the ability to actively use the Service, which means that he/she cannot send messages via the chat function and cannot post Announcements.
  • However, the User can view the Service, the history of messages and published Announcements, as well as deposits from his/her own ADSONB Wallet, but in order to withdraw allocated funds, the User must contact the Customer Service/Support Center at the following email address;
  • blocking an Account implies the User’s loss of the possibility to log into the Account.

34. The Professional User will be informed in case of suspension or blocking of a given content, at the latest at the moment the suspension/blocking becomes effective, in the form of an e-mail, indicating the suspended/blocked content, the reasons for the suspension/blocking decision, as well as the legal or contractual provisions violated.

35. For the avoidance of doubt, the objection raised under Article 12.7 shall not affect the right of the Professional User to lodge a complaint in accordance with Article 14 hereof.

36 Rating and Feedback System – beta

Within the Service, a rating system is made available, which allows the User to provide other Users with a subjective evaluation of the trading experience had. The transactional experience is evaluated, in particular, according to: the existence of a clear and serious description of the Product, the way of communication between Users, responsiveness, involvement, time of purchase and/or delivery of the Product, punctuality, etc. The basis of the evaluation is the contact between Users, in any form, and not exclusively the actual conclusion of a transaction.
The evaluation shall be carried out in the manner, form, term and categories indicated on the Website.
The rating will be presented and displayed on the Website on a scale of 1 to 10 (with one decimal place), based on the average of all ratings issued by Users.
The descriptive feedback (feedback) will only be visible to the rated User displayed in his/her Account. Additionally, it will have an auxiliary role for the purpose of limited verification by the Provider of the User’s actions.
If more than one rating is given to a User, only the most recent rating will be included in the average rating calculated for that User.

The evaluation may not contravene the provisions of this document and the legal provisions, and in particular shall not contain:

vulgar words, obscene content, pornographic content or content inciting hatred, racism, xenophobia and conflicts between nations;
web addresses or links to other websites;
advertising, other commercial content;
data of Users or other natural persons, in particular: name and surname, place of residence, telephone number or e-mail address, bank account number,
content that infringes the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights, good manners, personal rights or reputation of other Users or third parties,
content that is the result of an agreement with other Users or third parties to influence the fairness and transparency of the evaluation;
false, defamatory or unfairly competitive content.

37. ADSONB reserves the right to exclude certain ratings from the average User rating or to delete a rating, in whole or in part, when a rating or feedback:

Refers to a User other than the one rated;
is issued by the User to himself;
is issued by the employees, relatives or relatives of the rated User;
is issued as a result of contact with the User made solely for the purpose of issuing a rating and assessment (e.g. to artificially enhance or undermine the credibility of the User);
is issued from an Account created on the basis of a temporary e-mail address;
was made in a way that indicates exposure automation or through solutions that avoid network traffic analysis;
violates the Terms of Use in any other way.

38. For evaluation purposes, at the time of issuance, the User grants the Provider a non-exclusive, territorially unlimited, royalty-free right to use and make available to the public, under the conditions set forth herein.

39. The evaluation system (rating and feedback) is currently in the testing phase – beta version, so not all functionalities or solutions described below work exclusively without errors or are available to all Users.

40 Complaints and Complaint Resolution Procedure

In the event of any irregularities related to the operation of the Service, including those of a technical nature, the User or Visitor should first contact the Customer Service/Support Centre at, providing the necessary information to identify the problem.
ADSONB makes every effort to provide the highest quality service. Notwithstanding the above, the User has the right to lodge a complaint, free of charge, regarding the lack of performance or poor performance of the services provided by ADSONB, based on the Rules.
Users also have the possibility to submit to the Provider at any time complaints and/or reports about apparently unlawful activities carried out by a User of the Website, or about apparently unlawful information provided by a User of the Website of which they are aware.
A complaint may be submitted by sending a message to: or in writing to ADSONB’s postal address.
Complaints and/or complaints submitted to the Provider shall include the User’s identification data, the identification number of the Advert that is the subject of the complaint (if the complaint or complaint concerns a specific Advert), as well as any other data necessary for the Provider to identify the event complained of and/or the Advert complained of (as the case may be) and as detailed a description as possible of the reason for the complaint/complaint, so that the Provider can resolve it as quickly as possible.
Complaints/complaints will be considered and responded to within a maximum of 30 calendar days of receipt by the Provider, if accompanied by a complete set of data necessary to identify the User, the Ad and/or the problem. In the event that the complainant has not provided the Provider with all the data necessary to identify the issues raised and to resolve the complaint/complaint in question, the complainant will be notified by the Provider of the missing information and the above resolution period will be extended accordingly.
To contact the National Authority for Consumer Protection, the User can access the link:

41 Professional user complaints and mediation

A Professional User may make a complaint in the following situations:

1. alleged non-compliance by the Provider with the obligations imposed by this document and Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on promoting fairness and transparency for undertakings using online brokerage services;

2. the presence of technical difficulties in the functioning of the Website that may affect the use of the services offered by the Provider;

3. the undertaking of activities/taking of measures by the Provider which may affect the situation of the Professional User;

4. blocking by the Provider of content selected, published or submitted by the Professional User or blocking of the Professional User’s Account in accordance with point 12 of the Rules.

5. The complaint can be submitted through the “Help and Contact” functionality available on the ADSONB Page, under the “Contact Form”, by selecting the reason “Complaints from Professional Users under Regulation (EU) 2019/1150”, covered by this section or in writing to ADSONB. In the content of the complaint, the Professional User shall provide, to the extent possible, data and/or information enabling ADSONB to correctly and fully verify the complaint, in particular the ID of the Ad, the explanation of why he/she does not consider the content illegal or contrary to the General Terms and Conditions and, at his/her discretion, contact details.

6. The provisions of Article 14.3 – 14.5 above shall apply accordingly to complaints made by Professional Users under this section.

7. The Professional User may request mediation for the settlement of disputes arising between him/her and ADSONB in connection with the services provided by ADSONB, including disputes relating to grounds raised by complaints made under Article 15.1. above. ADSONB will attempt to settle any such dispute amicably through mediators cooperating with the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). A list of mediators and mediation regulations is available at Mediation is chargeable and ADSONB will bear a reasonable share of the total mediation costs, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on promoting fairness and transparency for undertakings using online mediation services.

8. The professional user may at any time propose another mediator with whom he is willing to conduct the mediation procedure.

9. The choice of mediation is voluntary. ADSONB reserves the right to refuse participation in the mediation or to refuse the mediator proposed by the Professional User.

42 Alternative Dispute Resolution

The consumer has the possibility to use dispute resolution methods in disputes involving him/her in accordance with the Procedure for Online Dispute Resolution developed by the European Commission, which is available at:
The consumer has the possibility to have recourse to an alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) mechanism through the ADR Entity of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (“ANPC”), which is available at:
In order to be resolved through ADR, the complaint must be made in good faith within 1 year from the date it was submitted to ADSONB or from the date of the act giving rise to the dispute. Moreover, prior to resorting to ADR, the consumer must try to settle the complaint directly with ADSONB, the procedure being available only if ADSONB has not resolved the dispute satisfactorily. Also, the consumer must not have previously had recourse to resolution by another ADR entity, a court of law, or other public authority.
In order to access this alternative dispute resolution procedure, the consumer must submit a request, available at If the ADR Directorate is unable to review the complaint, it will provide both parties with an explanation of the reasons for not reviewing the dispute within 21 calendar days of receiving the complaint file.

The ADR Directorate has a contact point where consumers can go for information on the alternative dispute resolution procedure and can be reached at the following addresses: Blvd. Aviatorilor nr.72, Bucharest, 011865, Romania, e-mail address or telephone number 0213121275.

43 Final provisions

ADSONB reserves the right to amend the Rules, subject to the following rules:
changes may be made to the Rules for organisational, legal or technical reasons, and these may also involve changes to costs, price lists and the Terms and Conditions applicable to Paid Services;
The User will be informed of each such change by placing information on the Service page, which will be visible after the correct login to the Account. You can access the Terms and Conditions at any time at: In addition, Professional Users will be notified of such changes electronically;
changes shall take effect on the date indicated by ADSONB, but no earlier than 15 days after notification of the changes, unless otherwise provided by applicable law;
changes may not result in the deprivation or limitation of the User’s rights in relation to Paid Services already purchased. Those purchased prior to the entry into force of the changes will be provided in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions in force at the time of purchase, implemented on the basis of existing principles.
ADSONB may amend the Rules without complying with the 15-day notice period referred to above, including with immediate effect, if:
it is subject to a legal obligation under which it is required to amend the Rules in a way that prevents it from meeting the aforementioned notice period,
must, by way of exception, amend the Regulation in order to combat an unforeseen and immediate threat to the protection of online services, mediation or the protection of Users against fraud, malware, spam, personal data breaches or other cybersecurity threats.

1. The User who does not accept the content of the changes to the Regulation has the right to terminate the contract regarding the Account Service at any time.

2. In order to develop the Service, ADSONB may introduce new services and functionalities, which may be preceded by product tests, without prejudice to the acquired rights of the Users.

3. The rights and obligations of the parties mentioned in this Regulation, as well as all legal effects that this document produces are governed by the Romanian law in force.

4. All disputes relating to the services provided by ADSONB within the framework of the Service shall be submitted to the competent courts of common law in Romania.

5. The annexes to this Regulation form an integral part of it.